Burmese Refugee Education Conference Pictures

Burmese refugee education conference was such an interesting event for educators, community leaders and parents in Milwaukee. Approximately 30 people attended the conference. We believe that this is the starting point where more discussions and conferences will follow in the future. Majority of people at the conference were teachers from Milwaukee Public Schools. Some were from other nonprofit organizations. The presenters were Ko Lah (former teacher trainer from Umpiem refugee camp, Thailand), Oliver Byar Bowh Si (Bilingual Educational Specialist, MPS) and Mr. William Xiong (Guidance Counselor, MPS). Oliver explained about the situation of Burmese refugee students at high schools, and Ko Lah explained the situation of education in Umpiem refugee camp, and Mr. Xiong shared his personal story as a refugee coming from Laos but made a successful career in the US and explained the parents how their children can also be successful. Conference participants were very actively involved in discussions and agreed to meet further.









About Myanmar Learning Center-Milwaukee

A Community based learning center for Myanmar refugees in Milwaukee. Myanmar Learning Center offers after-school tutoring programs, adult ESL programs and other life skills for Burmese refugees to live and survive in the USA.
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