Saturday Tutoring at New Location

Our regular tutoring program is moved to Jackson Park Evangelical Lutheran Church, 4535 W Oklahoma Ave  Milwaukee, WI 53219.

We have a very dedicated team of volunteers helping students with their homework and Math. We are providing one-on-one tutoring on Saturdays (12-3pm). Students who are preparing for their college admission test (ACT) and GED are also welcome to join us.

Please contact Oliver (Mr. Si) on 414-544-5068 or John Eilertson (262-527-0644), if students need transportation. Students are encouraged to take advantage of all the help and resources that are available.

Our current volunteer teachers are as follows:

Professor Karl Byleen (Math Department, Marquette University)

Leo Nugraha (Biomedical Engineering Student, Marquette University)

Mikaya Larson (Postgrad, Cardinal Stritch University)

Oliver Byar Bowh Si (B.S-Physics, M.S-LSE, M.Th-Oxford, S.T.M-Yale). A bilingual tutor in Burmese.

Nan Lung (B.S, M.S-Rangoon University, M.Ed, MA-Newcastle University, UK). A bilingual tutor in Karen and Burmese.



About Myanmar Learning Center-Milwaukee

A Community based learning center for Myanmar refugees in Milwaukee. Myanmar Learning Center offers after-school tutoring programs, adult ESL programs and other life skills for Burmese refugees to live and survive in the USA.
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